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Rating and comments for musikCube

Average score 3.31 (based on 59 votes)

given by James Baker on December 16, 2006

I've been using musikCube for a long time now, and it's fantastic. I've only recently begun using it's full potential with the Dynamic Playlists and stuff, but it's very fast and very lightweight - just what I want from a music player.

given by rayman on January 9, 2007

given by Anonymous on January 15, 2007

Amazing audio player. It has all you need with a nice interface and blazingly fast. A must-have. I can't use anything else... :)

given by Emir on January 30, 2007

Just started using, very satisfied so far...

given by Jim on February 27, 2007

Very promising music player and deserve to be winamp substitute, the only thing is it has less plugins compare to winamp but who knows what happens next.... give a try!

given by alexh3o on April 18, 2007

Have been using it for 2 years. Fast, clear, powerful.

given by Anonymous on April 20, 2007

No IPOD syncing support so far =(

given by Paul Spenke on May 23, 2007

musikcube is awesome. good player. great library.

given by Cybergrunt on May 31, 2007

What do you mean no ipod syncing? I sync my ipod to it everyday. Great player!

given by Tyson on August 24, 2007

Seems to not be progressing at all, needs more customizabilty and bug-fixes.

given by ferdi on December 5, 2007

nice nice

given by Anonymous on December 31, 2007

The only mediaplayer that is simple and light.

iTunes simple :) bloated and very fat :( it loves RAM and CPU
Microsoft Windows Media Player simple :| bloated :( loves RAM
musikCube simple :) light :)

musikCube rips your CDs and supports regular mp3 players.

given by anonymous on January 14, 2008

Unfortunately, I can't give this very high marks. I don't find it simple enough to use, nor powerful enough (and the two needn't be diametrically opposed). I put a pls file on my desktop, plain and simple, and couldn't open it without adding it to my library (which wasn't so simple either). This is more preference than anything, but I feel that ALL players should have, as a minimum, the ability to do a File->Open->file|playlist|url functionality. It doesn't get any simpler and more intuitive (and standards based) than that. Fancy libraries are great, but don't force them on the user.

given by Goutam on April 3, 2008

Simple, Light weight but Great Player!!!

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